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Thanks for stopping by, I’m Keith Gordon.

I’m always eager to add to my
collection of experience, so if you would
like assistance, support, advice, or
a build from scratch, feel free to contact me at

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I am a Graphic Artist and Web Designer, that specializes in freelance work for people, businesses, and charity organizations. I’m centralized in America, but I love to travel the world. So, when you have something you want the whole world to see, just know that this is true.

I can Design It, Edit It, Restore It, Beautify It, Put it on the Web, and Make It Be Found!

E-Commerce Site With Online Pay Features

picture of a merchant website located at www.snowflake e b d .com  Created in WordPress

Restore Photos

old army photo circa 1922 with wrinkles and stains
This image was a 3×5 old and wrinkled

Parallax Design

gateway arch at night
For Computers with Resolution less than 1600 px

Adobe Captivate CS6

picture of the adobe photoshop dvd cover
Using Captivate CS6 to Teach Photoshop CS6

Inbound Marketing

Close up photo of the Facebook logo on paper together a collection of well-known brands
Inbound marketing through social media

Premiere Pro

still image of an earth day video
Adobe Premiere Pro Class Project

Web Design

photo of
Your Favorite Cleaning Lady, a Web Sit Created for All Star Cleaning

Web Design

A photo of the Web Page at
A new Design for an old client, Me!

Adobe Photoshop

Z-Index layers to create a 3D effect
Using Z-Index and a script function to create a 3D effect. Click Here to Try It

Feel Free to look around, but please don’t steal anything, as I can’t replace it and I don’t want to have to file a claim with my insurance company. If anything doesn’t appear aesthetic, it is because I lack experience, but what I lack in experience, I make up in personality!

Premiere Pro

video commercial project screenshot
Some projects are more difficult than others…

Adobe Captivate

picture of the adobe photoshop dvd cover
Using Captivate CS6 to Teach Photoshop CS6

Team Project Web Design

animated logo

This was a team Project Focusing on Teamwork.